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James A. MartinAuthor James A. Martin was raised on a dairy farm in southern Michigan. Jim Martin joined the Eaton County Sheriff Department in Charlotte Michigan in July 1974. In 1999 James A. Martin retired from the Sheriff Department to begin work as an Independent Contractor. He signed a contract with Dyncorp International. That contract took James Martin to East Timor where he served on a United Nations mission for nearly five years.

Upon completion of the East Timor mission, Jim Martin returned to the United States for a few months before signing a contract with Blackwater USA. Upon completing training James Martin served on a Personal Security team (PSD) in Mosul Iraq. Halfway through James's second contract the two Mosul teams were sent to Baghdad where Jim Martin served out the rest of his second contract and also his follow-on third contract.

James A. Martin left Blackwater USA after completing his third contract. James went to Arizona where he began work with Tactical Tracking Operations School, going back to what he did in East Timor. He is an instructor and course developer in Combat Tracking, Weapons Intelligence and Battlefield Forensics. James has trained military personnel from all over the world. He is the founder of Raven One Five

Author James A. Martin has three books in print. In Shades of Gray: The Colors of Undercover, Martin recounts his undercover operations in vivid detail. Guns for Hire, Red Zone Run: Mosul, which is listed as fiction based on true events. The majority of fiction is in the changed names of characters and companies. This is the first book in the Guns for Hire series. Code-Name: White Buffalo, which describe experiences in Timor and Iraq. Author James A. Martin is currently working on his next book in the Guns for Hire series.

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About Raven One-Five

“RaenJames Martin was assigned to the Raven One-Five team while stationed in Baghdad in 2006. Raven One-Five, LLC, was founded by Jim Martin to provide quality training in defensive and tactical use of pistols, carbines, and long range rifles. Jim and his experienced team also instruct courses in tracking.

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